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Festive Ideas to Celebrate Thanksgiving – All Month Long (Part Two)

Earlier this month we provided you with lots of fun and festive ways to get into the mood of the holidays – and Thanksgiving in particular. To keep the theme moving through the rest of the month, here are more ways to enjoy your family and friends today and through your Thanksgiving feast! Play Hide…

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Things to do in the Fall in Austin (Part Two)

At LeMontreaux apartments in Austin we have been out and about enjoying all the festivities that make living in our community such a great place to live.  As the fall season kicks-in, there are more events than ever before to enjoy with family and friends.  Below you will find a continuation of what’s to come!…

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Best Off-Leash Parks for Dogs in Austin (Part One)

Whether you have a dog or not, you will find that the following parks offer plenty of escape from everyday life. This month, we are showcasing some of our favorite parks that not only welcome dogs to roam free they are also perfect spots for a picnic in the shade or morning stroll.  All of…

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