More Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment in Austin, TX

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Earlier this month we shared some of our top tips for spring cleaning.  The article was so popular we decided to do more research to help you get your apartment in Austin clean and shiny this spring!

Coffee Filter Cleaners

One of the most affordable tools in the house is probably sitting next to your coffee cups in the cupboard.  Time to pull them out and put them to a new use!  Did you know they worked really well as a dust rag?  Just wipe and toss and you will be on your way.

Even better, when placing food into the microwave, top it off with a coffee filter and say good-bye to spaghetti stains and other colorful sauces that used to pop all over inside!

Shoe Storage Savior

The next time you cannot find a match for your left shoe or right, go out to the local liquor store and pick-up a wine box.  It is the perfect home for storing your shoes together and saving space at the same time.

Computer Cord Caddy

Just before you toss that toilet paper or paper towel tube, hold on to it!  They are the ideal solution for gathering all those computer cords into one tidy bundle.  This works for electrical cords as well so save those handy cylinders and repurpose them today.

Another ideal container that works well for this same purpose is pipe insulation.  We got some at the hardware store and found that the ½ inch is the ideal size for seizing the mess under our desks.

Pie Plate Dustpan

For quick clean-ups of spilled dirt, sugar, flour and more, keep an aluminum pie plate handy.  Cut it in half, clean up your mess, and toss it all away into the trash.


Glove Dust Magnets


Here is a great tip for dusting off the knickknacks around your apartment in Austin.  Grab a pair of ‘cotton’ garden gloves, spray them with your favorite natural cleaner, and dust all those small accessories that have collected dust over the winter months.  This ‘fingertip’ cleaning tip is one of our favorite ways to keep our keepsakes clean throughout the year.


Designer Drawers

When was the last time you could not find something in your bathroom drawer? Gone are the days of trying to find the lip balm or toe-nail clippers!  We have found that a silverware drawer insert is the ideal solution for sorting out all sorts of stuff that deserves its own space.

If you have any more ideas that we should share with your neighbors at our pet friendly apartment community in Austin, send them our way!  And in the meantime, the best of success to you in your spring cleaning endeavors!

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