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Just when you thought there was enough going on in and around your apartment in Austin, a whole new list of musical newbies hits the scene.  From youthful spirits of The Bishops to the cosmic and psychedelic mix that Golden Dawn Arkestra brings to the stage, the options to enjoy the latest and greatest mix of music right here in your own town are almost endless. 
To help you enjoy a summer filled with lots of extraordinary new sounds and scenery, we’ve dedicated this month’s blog to showcase (and promote) the best new bands in Austin.  Below you will find snippets from their websites.  For more details, be sure to click on the name of each band that is anchored with a direct link to their site.
The Bishops
The Bishops are an Austin-based trio consisting of vocalist Cara Bishop, producer Troy Bishop, and rapper Luv Bishop. These siblings are bringing a new wavy sound to music, pushing the boundaries of any genre. The Bishops’ unique blend of styles consists of influences from electronic, hip-hop, jazz, RnB and pop music, creating a sound that is bound to bring together a diverse crowd.
 Golden Dawn Arkestra
The Golden Dawn Arkestra are a psychedelic afrobeat band from Austin, TX. Golden Dawn Arkestra hails from a small planet in the constellation Cygnus, light-years away in the outermost reaches of the galaxy. The Arkestra conducts experiments involving space and time travel through the use of sound and movement. Their followers delight in these rituals; all bear witnesses to their higher selves and joyously bask in the eternal light that joins us all as one.
John Wesley Coleman III
Here’s an interesting story that starts like many of the stars that make it or break it to the stage.  Although JWC III doesn’t have an official “bio” per se on his website, it’s worth some time for you to view it here  to see and feel his ride to fame from his home in Austin.

Tele Novella
We present the following overview from “The Temp Agency” listing of this intriguing new talent that has taken the world by storm.  As their story goes …
Tele Novella is sugar-crash dream-psych popsicle punch out of Austin, TX with members of Agent Ribbons and Voxtrot. Influenced by the nocturnal jungles of Os Mutantes and the lapeled, knee-socked smarts of Belle and Sebastian, the songwriting is sincere and evocative. In early 2014, they released the single version of ‘Trouble in Paradise’ on vinyl with American Laundromat Records right on the tail of the Wes Anderson tribute compilation, to which they contributed a contagious version of ‘Stephanie Says’ by the Velvet Underground. Now they’re releasing their first EP ‘Cosmic Dial Tone’ on Los Angeles Psych Pop label Lolipop Records and will be logging a whole lot of tour dates this fall.
To learn about these bands, and many more, flip to the article that we used as our reference by clicking here.  And then get out and get into some of the best new tunes in Austin!

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