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It’s no secret that Austin is in for one of its busiest weeks of the year as thousands of visitors enter our city to participate in South by Southwest (SXSW) March 10 – 19, 2017.
For those who are not familiar with this annual show, SXSW is a gigantic conference of entrepreneurs that are involved in the film, interactive media, and music festival industry.  It’s been in our neck of the woods since 1987 and has continued to grow to unfathomable levels and into a 10-day affair within itself. 
For those who are familiar with this impressive event, you know what the surge in population will be and perhaps how to either participate in the festivities or creatively hide until it’s over.
To help out all our neighbors right here at home at LeMontreaux, we’ve decided to share a great story that was written and recently published in Austin Monthly.
Just one click (right here) to the article and you will find what they have dubbed as a “Survivors Guide” to SXSW. 
Within the article, it clearly reminds us that any preparation one can do to be ready for the crowds is a smart move.  It notes: “In addition to supercharging the city with inspiration, the resulting hordes also grind traffic to a halt, turn your neighborhood bar RSVP-only, and make already long barbecue lines impossible.”
We encourage you right now to stop, click, and commence on your plans to continue to enjoy springtime in Austin in-between what has become one fine convention that provides tremendous revenue to the city and trickle-down benefits for businesses large and small.
For a complete schedule of events, visit the SXSW website by clicking here.

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